Livestream via satellite uplink

Livestream via satellite uplink

Livestream via satellite uplink for transmission of concerts, openings, press conferences, church services and sports events


Do you want to transfer your event via live stream? For the live stream we rely on internet connectivity via satellite. Our OB van is equipped with a fully automatic satellite system and within 5 minutes we are on air.

We provide a guaranteed bandwidth of up to 10 Mbit/s as a pure signal distributor or we take over the entire camera transmission and recording – parallel sent on your video wall and we provide the delivery of the data through our CDN into internet and on Facebook.

Advantages of mobile wideband connection via satellite uplink (IP SNG, KU Band), live video streaming via satellite uplink
  • Available in all of Europe, parts of North Africa and the Middle East, provided a clear view of the southern sky
  • Cost-effective solution compared to conventional satellite uplinks (KU Band) or other temporary, wired solutions
  • Fast available – on-line within several minutes
  • Easy transportation via stairs and hotel lifts, by car or as a luggage in the aircraft
  • Minimal burden compared to setting up a temporary wideband connection
  • Independent on company´s Internal IT and their safety regulations
  • Guaranteed upstream/ downstream rate up to 10 Mbit/sec
  • Sessions could be booked over satellite online, but minimum 30 minutes before it starts

With our IP Satellite News Gathering (SNG) / Streaming Services NewsSpotter Pro, we offer you guaranteed and fixed satellite bandwidth via Eutelsat Kasat at 9 ° East. NewsSpotter Pro allows the transmission of video and audio live streams and the transmission of large amounts of data via satellite and transparent IP connections.

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