Live event recording and streaming

Live event recording and streaming

The complete package for your event from a single source: live recording, projection on a video wall and live streaming.

Congresses, conventions, symposia, conferences or meetings. Always it goes about one or multi-day events where work and insights on specific topics are discussed among participants. These include also congresses of political parties or other regulated gathering of officials and members of a political party, organization or association.

In addition to the obvious transfer of speeches and statements on video screens, there is a big interest of organizers and participants to be able to retrieve the content after the end of the event on the internet, intranet or on DVD.

Camera setup for recording a conference

Camera setup

With an optimal use of cameras we communicate your message and theme, thus increasing the attention of viewers. With the use of three or more cameras we can change perspective, show multiple shots and interesting edits.

Mobile shoulder cameras with radio connection could be quickly used, can capture dynamic and enthralling images and accompany people.

The communication between the camera direction and the individual cameras takes place via an intercom system. The precise coordination with the congress organizers in advance guarantees that cameras are on standby in the right time and all highlights of your event are captured.

What can you expect from us

In the planning and project phase it is necessary to define by you along with our production manager the exact scope and sequences of the event. The significant is the size of the event, its programme and the stakeholders. The more cameras are at disposal, the more varied and worthy impression will be brought to the viewer. The building of the complete technical equipment is carried out with sufficient time prior to the event. Regular production meetings with all stakeholders are indispensable in order to take in consideration all short-term program changes.


Additional options

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