Carl Zeiss Foundation

The Carl Zeiss Foundation, founded by the physicist and entrepreneur Ernst Abbe, celebrated in the ceremony on 5.19.2014 in Jena its 125th anniversary. Guest: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Thuringian Minister President Christine Lieberknecht and other representatives from politics, business and society.

Liveproduktion Carl Zeiss Stiftung

BMK.TV was commissioned by the agency responsible for the ceremony to record the event and to edit “overnight” a trailer of the event with the most important statements and speeches. Immediately after the event, the material was brought from Jena to Leipzig and edited overnight in our Avid editing facility under editorial supervision and the result was handed the next morning to the customer.


This film will be used by the client only internally and is not released to public. If you request the password, please send an e-mail (as always with such productions).