Schwimmanalytik Leipzig

Under the slogan “We can make you better” offers Schwimmanalytik Leipzig the creation of video analysis of swimming, jumping and turning technique in Germany. The recording is done with a specially constructed video carriage with shots from the side and from the front. With two parallel cameras shooting is possible both under and above water. The company founder, Jirka Letzin, holders of Class A trainer’s license (swimming), carries out together with the athletes in retrospect an accurate analysis of their swimming technique.

Schwimmanalytik Leipzig from BMK.TV on Vimeo.

As a swimmer won Jirka Letzin 1994 the Sprint Swimming Championships on the short course 50m backstroke, was also a member of the German team at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 and in 2001 was overall World Cup winner on 100, 200 and 400m individually.

During the 1st day of entry course on December 4, 2011 the shooting took place for a presentation video of the Schwimmanalytik Leipzig. First was used Ewa-Marine underwater housing for the Sony EX1R and impressive underwater shots of swimmers were made.