Full-service video production company for businesses, institutions and agencies


BMK.TV is a full-service video production company for businesses, organizations, agencies and editorial offices which is active in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Our other services include production of promotional films, product films, exhibition films, documentaries, news and TV reports, as well as recording of various meetings and events.

What We Will Produce For You

In addition, we are available as Electronic News Gathering Camera Team at home and abroad and journalists, editors and broadcasters can book us and then contributions and broadcasting can be accordingly edited as needed directly at our Avid editing site.

What It Really Comes To

With this short film, we won the tender of a wireless service provider for a production budget over several renowned agencies and production companies. Because what really counts is creativity, commitment, charisma and unconventional thinking. Other producers have good equipment, too.

With a perfectly trained team of employees and freelancers and with professional film and video technology, we step up to any challenge. Does not matter whether it is a producer, a director, a cameraman, an editor, a sound technician or an assistant – we are only satisfied when you are, too.


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