Corporate films create trust and sympathy for brands and products


People love moving motion pictures. Movies evoke emotions and information, build trust and sympathy for brands and products and attract new customers. Films are able to build such credibility that cannot be reached to such extent by any other medium.

What It’s Really About

The time of classically produced image films using standard methods is over. Each business is different and target groups differentiate one from each other. The film should serve your business goals and shouldn´t be a platform for artistic self-realization at the expense of your marketing budget. What really counts today is credibility, transparency and honest communication with customers. The social media represent both an opportunity and a risk. The opportunity lies in the enormous possibilities of the viral spread of your marketing message in a positive sense, on the other hand, poorly made films full of false promises bring with it the risk of making a fool of yourself.

With our experience and expertise, we want to support your marketing objectives and wishes. Let’s talk about it!

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Our Services

  • Production of company films, exhibition films, industry films, promotional films, ads, corporate films
  • Conception, exposé creation, script, screenplay, storyboard
  • Casting, actors
  • Location scout, filming permissions, film set, props
  • Shooting, lighting
  • Tracking shots and camera crane, steadicam
  • Cameramen, lighting technicians, director, script
  • Logistics and catering
  • Post-production, video material encoding (Windows Media, H.264, Flash etc.)
  • Green screen shots / virtual studio
  • Graphics, animation
  • Voice-over creation, professional speakers, sound recording and post processing
  • Music production, film music, GEMA free music
  • DVD production, authoring and copying
  • Layout and print

Selection Of Previously Realized Films


3 Fragen an, Auftraggeber CMS Deutschland

KI im Healthcare-Bereich, Auftraggeber CMS Deutschland

Immobilien-Video, Auftraggeber Europa Capital AG

Imagefilm, Auftraggeber Leipziger Logistik und Lagerhaus GmbH

Ärzte für Sachsen, Auftraggeber Krankenhausgesellschaft Sachsen e.V.

Imagefilm, Auftraggeber Solibro GmbH


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