Live streaming entry point for multi-channel livestreaming in the best possible quality and with the highest level of transmission security


Multi-channel livestreaming to various platforms and channels incresases your reach and accurately targets your audience. We can broadcast your livestream as multistreaming to over 30 channels simultaneously. Among the most popular channels are YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram and Periscope. It is also possible to broadcast a livestream to multiple subsites and channels within YouTube or Facebook. At the same time, the livestream player can be integrated to blogs and other websites.

Personalisation And Channel Branding

Particularly interesting: Depending on the channel, we can also incorporate customized content into the livestream, so that the viewers on Facebook see different messsages, captions and insertions than e.g. the viewers on YouTube.

The implementation of multi-channel livestreaming from on the spot would require transmission capacity, equipment and staff that is seldom available, and would cause enormous additional costs. BMK Media Production offers a complete multi-channel livestreaming solution in the best possible quality and with the highest level of security available.

At the event venue, we get the program signal with graphics or as cleanfeed via HD/SDI and transmit it over a signal line per IP or satellite to our entry point. At the entry point, the signal is encoded for each channel separately, upon request complemented with additional content (graphics, captions, logos, ads, etc.), and transferred over a redundant 1000 Mbit/s line directly to the entry points of the individual platforms.


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