Music, concert and festival live recording or live-on-tape recording in HD or ULtra HD / 4K


No matter whether high culture or subculture, classical or rock concert. Live recordings of concerts and festivals make the highest demands on camera work and image direction. The dramaturgy of the event, the emotions and the enthusiasm must be conveyed from the scene to the viewers.

We step up to the challenge. The right fade effect applied at the right moment to keep the viewers’ mood and not to miss anything. Enjoy our concert recordings as if you were there by yourself. Of course, in HD or 4K and with perfect sound on DVD or BlueRay.

Camera Setup

It applies for concert and theatre recording as well: the use of multiple cameras allows for varied and interesting compositions which always respect the piece’s style and dramaturgy: quick edits and energetic camera movements at rock concerts, or long slow takes and cross-fading in classical music recordings.

New and unusual perspectives and camera movements are possible with a camera crane. Even the most inaccessible positions can be reached without blocking the audience’s view. With a dolly track system we can make camera movements in front of the stage; shoulder camcorder or steadicam cameras (or a camera stabilizer) allow for close takes of the musicians and the view from the stage to the audience.

Kamerakran und Sliderkamera

Regie und Bildtechnik für Live-on-Tape

Mobile Funk Kamera auf Konzert

Bildregie Konzert Livestream

What You Can Expect

With our experienced team, we make concert and festival recordings in HD or 4K.. In close collaboration with the organizers and the artists, we are your competent partner for concept development, planning, setup, recording and editing. Of course we also play the live mixed signal on LED or video screens.

Music And Concert Recording

ICH FIND SCHLAGER TOLL – Live – Akustic-Conzert with Dj Ötzi, Michelle, Sotiria & Sonia Liebing!

Die Ballermann Hits – LIVE mit Mickie Krause, Mia Julia, Matze Knop, Frenzy & Mario Rosenauer

The Zöllner BigBand LIVE

Kerstin Ott – Die immer lacht (Akustik – Ich find Schlager toll – Live)

Beatrice Egli – Le Li La (Ich find Schlager toll – Live)

Bernhard Brink – Diamanten (Akustik – Ich find Schlager toll – Live)

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