Virtual and hybrid events: The solution for the current demands for companies, organizers and organizations.


A hybrid event is a conference, seminar, workshop or another kind of meeting, where some speakers and participants are not present in person. Individual speakers can be partially switched together, or various locations can be live switched together. Often, the majority of participants follow the event online per livestream or video conference. With full-fledged virtual events, speakers, presenters and participants are switched together and the programme is professionally produced in our central control room.

Studio für eine virtuelle Konferenz
Virtuelle Pressekonferenz

The Difference Between Virtual & Hybrid Events And Standard Events

With virtual and hybrid events, the programme is typically produced primarily with the external viewer in mind. This is also the main difference compared to standard events, because with virtual and hybrid events, the timing and the course of the event must cater to the online viewer. The event is produced for the cameras which substitute for the viewers‘ eyes. This serves as a guiding principle for everything: the whole event design, the positioning of the cameras, lighting, sound and props. The cameras are not anymore positioned at the back of the room as “observers”; on the contrary, they are positioned close to the action.

Interaktion virtuelle Konferenz-moderator

Co-Moderator in einer virtuellen Konferenz für Fragen der Zuschauer und Interaktionen

Audience Engagement Via Interaction Tools

Virtual events and hybrid events alike are more than mere livestream broadcasts of lectures and on-stage discussions. Only with the addition of intelligent features such as chat and voting functionality, ratings, word clouds or breakout sessions does the audience turn into participants who can take active part in the event. We often incorporate a co-presenter who serves as the voice of the audience and voices their opinions and questions in an active way. The event programme as a whole must be interesting and it must include elements which will hold the audience’s attention.

Live Broadcasting To The Event Page, Website, Social Media Or Internal Video Conference Groups

Virtual and hybrid events are customarily broadcast per livestream, for example via our event page, with optional password protection using an individual or global password. For public events, the livestream can be included on your website or broadcast to your social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. For internal company events, the broadcasting is often carried out via video conference groups at Teams, Webex, Zoom or Bluejeans.

Regie Hybrid - Konferenz
Liveschalte virtuelle Konferenz

Selected Examples Of Virtual And Hybrid Events 2021 – Made by BMK.TV

  • Virtual leadership meeting for an internationally active media company based in Berlin
  • Virtual launch event for a project organized by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
  • Paid Content Summit 2021 by Axel Springer
  • Virtual information evening for Primavera distribution partners
  • Opening of the congress Pflege 2021 (Healthcare 2021) with award ceremony and the presence of the Secretary of State, both on site and via live switching
  • Hybrid press conference of the German Hospital Federation (DKG)
  • Virtual leadership meeting of the European Energy Exchange (EEX) using our event platform
  • Cardiology Symposium 2021, fully virtual with live switching of the speakers including presentations and box cases
  • Virtual New Year reception of the Workers’ Welfare Federal Association (AWO)

Selected Examples Of Virtual And Hybrid Events 2020 – Made by BMK.TV

  • Virtual event of the Resource Efficiency Network with live switching of speakers
  • Virtual information day of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control, with plenum and four parallel sessions using our event platform
  • Virtual general meeting, VG Bildkunst Bonn
  • Virtual conference of the GLCI (German Lean Construction Institute) with four parallel sessions from a single pop-up studio in Hamburg
  • DIE Forum Digitalization training and dialogue, as a virtual event, with the presentation of the Innopreis award 2020
  • Virtual international sales meeting for the distribution partners of the Berliner Seilfabrik
  • Hybrid general meeting of the Caritas Behindertenhilfe in Berlin
  • Virtual 50th anniversary event of the Family Council at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
  • Hybrid medical specialist and training event of the Charite Berlin
  • Education Policy Forum 2020 as a virtual event with speaker live switching and parallel forums
  • Virtual press conference of the “Wirtschaftsweisen” with presentation of the annual expert report 2020/ 2021
  • Accessible virtual event of the Teilhabeberatung für die GSUB on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Virtual event accompanying the announcement of „The Capital of Culture 2025“ winners
  • Vision-Zero-2020, virtual oncology conference with speaker live switching and an on-site host, broadcast via the BMK event webseite
  • Virtual general meeting of the VKPD (German communist party) mit online voting consistent with the party’s statutes
  • Hybrid event of the Eastern Germany energy forum 2020 with livestreaming over the Hopin event platform
  • Primavera Fachakademie 2020 professional academy as a virtual livestreaming event
  • Summer academy of the Baden-Württemberg federal state representation, a hybrid event in Berlin
  • The Berlin Declaration livestreaming for Springer Nature
  • Platform economy conference as a 5-hour livestream with stage discussion, interactivity, interpreting, accesibility and switching of speakers from all across Europe
  • DKG Hospital summit as a hybrid event from the dbb Forum in Berlin
  • Livestreaming of a professional group event in the form of a 90 minute TV show
  • Virtual conference featuring almost 40 speakers from the whole world as a livestream for an EU project in the area od renewable energies
  • Hybrid conference with live switching to the USA and Finland and simultaneous interpreting broadcast via a password protected livestream for the GLCI, IPA and the Deutsche Baugerichtstag association
  • Virtual conference with bilingual simultaneous interpreting broadcast as livestream for the Ministry of Environment Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Hybrid conference with three on-site referents, live switching and video recording for the Ressourceneffizienz network on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment
  • Virtual conference with live switched speakers in Munich and Hannover, broadcast as livestream for Berlin Chemie and Springer Medizin
  • Hybrid conference with live switching of three locations in Germany, for the IT service provider
  • Internal company event with broadcasting to an internal Skype group, for EEX AG
  • The capital city digital congress 2020, a virtual congress with live switching of the Federal Secretary of Health Spahn over Skype
  • Virtual press conference for journalists, with comments and chat functionality, for the Schwarzwaldmilch and the German Hospital Asscociation
  • Live broadasting of the data privacy protection congress 2020, as a hybrid event
  • Hybrid event with video conference for the German Society for the Aged
  • A virtual event broadcast as Facebook livestream with video recording for the Commission
  • Audio and video equipment for an in-person event with live switching, for the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management
  • Recording of the expert interviews for a pharmaceutical company, with the host in the studio and experts switched from different locations


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