An ad-free video player to display your video on demand contents on your homepage, with statistics, password protection and paywall.


With video on demand, you make your contents available to your target audience at any time. Our ad-free video player can be incorpotaded directly to your website. Automatic browser and system identification ensures signal distribution to almost all platforms and devices.

In comparison to public video portals (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), you get an ad-free video player to be included on your homepage, which can be embedded with additional contents (images, Power Point slides) and furnished with skip marks. With comprehensive statistics functions, you get control over the on demand requests, and the stream can be made available to only a closed group of users through password protection. You are on the safe side from the legal standpoint, too, and you do not automatically grant distribution and commercial rights to a video portal provider.

Features And Services

  • A player with intuitive navigation, fullscreen mode, and smooth real time streaming
  • Embedding of additional contents (e.g. presentations, graphics) to the stream, with inhalt function and skip marks
  • Embed your on demand video player to any website by adding a code to the HTML (iFrame or Javascript)
  • Various security options to choose from, as needed
  • Monitor the success of your contents with our statistics
  • On demand streaming as pay-per-view with integrated selling function

Your on demand videos start extremely quickly, without pre-loading, within 1 second. Rewinding and fast-forwarding without pre-loading is possible, too. The streaming server can set the video to any specific point at any time and start playback. The server transmits only the data that the user actually views. Thanks to this function, besides traffic saving, it is possible to deliver the video stream to up to multiple thousand users at the same time.

Video On Demand Streaming Services

  • On demand streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming (video broadcasting in demand-driven quality)
  • File streaming up to Full HD and 4K
  • Data traffic flatrate or packages
  • HTML5 player (HLS)
  • Quick streaming to any number of viewers at the same time
  • Statistics, including interface
  • Ad-free video player for almost all end devices
  • Embedding of additional contents (e.g. presentations, graphics) to the stream with inhalt function and skip marks
  • Improved security with password protection
  • Individual video player programming and customization (prices determined by usage)
  • Backup streaming server to protect against downtime


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