Live social media streaming to Facebook, Periscope and YouTube – maximum reach and viral marketing!


With live streaming over social networks, you can reach your target audience directly and without any detours. Social networks are used by an increasing number of users, who are moving ever more from the classical internet to apps and social media. What is not on social media is not seen anymore by many users. The move of internet users from PCs to “always online” smarthphones provides you with an opportunity to be able to reach your target audience anytime.

Livestreaming to Facebook, Periscope and YouTube

Today, companies and organizers are able to broadcast important events, such as e.g. press conferences, product launches, concerts and sports events, directly and live to Facebook, Periscope or YouTube. With BMK.TV as your live streaming provider, it is easy and highly efficient. While your live broadcasting is published directly on your website, the livecast appears simultaneously on your Facebook page, is shown to your Periscope followers or published on your YouTube channel.


The Viral Effect

With just a click of the “Like” or “Share” button, your viewers can recommend your livestream broadcast to their friends. The invaluable viral effect is supported by the learned and popular behaviour of the Facebook generation. Connecting with new target audiences and spreading your message has never been so easy and effortless.


Interacting With Your Target Audience

Connect with your viewers during and after the livecast broadcasting with interactive communication over Facebook livechat or Twitter. You can of course also invite your Facebook page fans to other livecasts, without them having to ever leave the platform.


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