Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social Media Streaming – Maximum coverage through live streaming and viral marketing!


Currently, more than 1.4 billion people are already connected together via Facebook, of which more than 28 million are from Germany. And not only private users use the network, Facebook is of a great importance also for companies which use the communication via the social network as the part of their marketing mix in order to provide not only general information but also to offer their products, services, events, discussions and live chats.

Companies can now also webcast important live events directly on Facebook- such as press conferences, product launches, annual general meetings, concerts, sport events. This is easy and extremely efficient with BMK.TV company which work as your live stream and service provider. While your transmission is being published directly on your website (on request with inserted PowerPoint slides), the live stream will also appear at the same time on your Facebook page.

With only one click on “Like” or on the “Share” button you can allow your friends to see your livestream. The viral effect is invaluable and is encouraged by favourite behaviour of the skilled Facebook generation. It has not been possible before to address new target groups and to spread your messages using so little effort.

You can engage yourself in the interactive communication with your audience during or after the live cast transmission via Facebook live chat or Twitter. And of course, you can also easily and very efficiently invite those interested to your Facebook page to further live casts without forcing them to leave the platform.

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