A direct connection to your viewers in real time via live chat, Twitter and live comments


Gone are the days when the participants took only passive part in events. Today, organizers attach value to communication with the participants, whether on site or on the livestream. With our chat / interactivity solutions, we provide you with the option to incorporate real time interaction and communication with your viewers into the livestream. Get invaluable customer feedback or answer the questions of media representatives at a press conference.

Event Chat

Our event chat module is especially tailored for organization and moderation of small to very large chat events. Participant chat entries can be filtered with a two level moderation process. On the first level, suitable entries are forwarded to the moderator for further screening, while unsuitable entries are moved to the archive. From these pre-filtered entries, the moderator then selects those that go “live” and can also add their own entries to the chat.

Live Comments

With our proprietary live comments software app, an input field for name, e-mail address, and question/comment is included in the livestream. Here, the viewers can ask questions or send comments directly to the moderator. In the background, all viewer questions are displayed in real time. The moderator can mark interesting questions, which are then printed out and passed on to the speakers to answer. With a single click of the mouse, all questions can be saved to archive for later processing and evaluation.

Interaction Via Web-app

In case of an event that combines livestreaming with an in-person event, even more audience response tools can be used. For the participation in a poll, a vote or posing a question, no app or registration is required. The viewers and conference participants simply open a website on their smartphone and enter teh event code. A list of other participants’ questions is on display, which can be marked with “like”.

Twitter Wall

A frequently requested variant is the inclusion of a Twitter wall next to the livestream, on screens in foyer or on a big screen in the conference hall. In this way, you don’t only offer the chance to interact to the live stream viewers, but also to the viewers present at the event venue can send comments to the Twitter wall via their smartphones. A distinction is made between a moderated Twitter wall and an umoderated Twitter wall. The simplest case is the unmoderated Twitter wall, which is included per Javascript or iFrame, and all tweets with a specific hashtag (e.g. #MyHashtag) are displayed. To project the wall on screens at the event venue, a simple laptop with internet access is sufficient. The potential drawback of this easily implementable solution is the fact that you have no control over the tweets displayed. Every tweet with the matching hashtag is displayed and there is no differentiation between serious comments, spam, fun or even offensive tweets.


DThe interaction vie chat, feedback module, web app, or a TWitter wall, works reliably only on desktop computers and notebooks. The majority of mobile end devices (smartphones, tablets) open the livestream in a separate window in their native player, thus the viewers leave the actual website with all the incorporated modules.


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