Professional HD recording and livestream broadcasting of conferences and congresses. All across Germany and Europe.


Congresses, conventions, symposia, conferences: during these events, often spanning one or more days, articles and findings regarding specialized topics are presented in keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops. Both the organizers and the participants are greatly interested in being able to call up the contents on the internet even after the event has ended. They may wish to review some lectures or use the contents as an ad for the next event. Often, there is an event film featuring some of the prominent speakers and participants.

Konferenz HD Aufzeichnung

As a full-service service provider, we record your conference or congress in professional quality and upon request transmit it in broadcast quality per livestream. We capture your contents and topics with optimal camera usage to help increase audience attention. With two or more cameras, we can implement perspective changes, diverse layouts and interesting inserts. Besides the speaker, it is not a problem to include presentation slides or captions with name and function. We can also connect speakers from other locations who cannot take part in person via live switching.

Konferenz Aufzeichnung mit Livebild auf Monitor
Kongress Livestream in Berlin

Conference Livestreaming And Recording With BMK

We have recorded a large number of congresses, conferences and symposia on behalf of various organisers and agencies, some of them broadcast as livestreams. The subject areas ranged from politics to education, economics, or health. 

Selection Of Past Productions

  • Energy Services conference market, Berlin
  • AI Masters conference, Berlin
  • dbb annual meeting, Cologne
  • WIIS-conference, Berlin
  • The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie congress, Berlin
  • Federal symposium Schule mit Courage, Berlin
  • The Day of Psychology conference, Berlin
  • German allergy congress, Dresden
  • The “Making Europe’s Economic Union work” conference, Berlin
  • Child and youth medicine congress, Leipzig
  • East Germany energy forum, Leipzig
  • „Universities in the Digital Age“ symposium, Berlin
  • VG Bildkunst general meeting, Bonn
  • VG Musikedition general meeting, Kassel
  • GEMA general meeting, Munich and Berlin
  • Mukoviszidose e.V. annual meeting, Schweinfurt and Weimar
  • VFA Research in Stage, Berlin
  • „Banks in Turmoil“ trade journal, Frankfurt/ Main
  • The Aktionsbündnisses Teilhabeforschung symposium, Berlin
  • Kumon instructor conference, Düsseldorf
  • BMW Motorbike aftersales conference, Leipzig
  • Catholic Occupational Safety symposium of the VBG, Berlin
  • dbb trade union conference, Berlin
  • Siemens Supplier Day, Munich
  • Primavera Fachakademie professional academy, Oy-Mittelberg
Konferenz Youtube Live
Kongress Aufzeichnung in Berlin

The services that we provide to our clients are just as diverse. Apart from mere recording with one or more professional Full HD cameras, we have implemented a LED walls and projections, sound productions, event film productions, integrations of presentations to the recording and livestream, implementation of paywalls and password protected access to livestream and provision of recordings in in the form of video on demand. Accessibility  is an increasingly important topic. We have it covered with sign language interpreters and live subtitles.

What You Can Expect From Us

In the planning and design phase, the exact scope and course of the event is defined by the client in collaboration with our production manager. The size of the event, the stakeholders and the programme play the key role. The more cameras are used, the more varied and stronger the effect on the audience. All the necessary equipment is set up with sufficient lead time before the event. Regular production meetings with all stakeholders are essential, so that short-term programme changes can be taken into consideration.

Konferenz auf Facebook Live
Konferenz Live Übertragung-berlin
Konferenz Livestream in Berlin
Konferenz Mitschnitt in HD

Additional Options


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