The complete pay-per-view / paywall payment and billing solution for livestreaming and video on demand


With the pay-per-view solution for video livestreaming and video on demand (VOD) we help producers, content providers and publishers of media, sports & entertainment to make money with their contents. The distribution of high quality videos over the internet and their monetization by charging a fee requires reliable and secure payment models.

Currently, we have been receiving many requests regarding our paywall solutions: Our platform is primarily available for those clients for whom we ensure the whole audio and video production. We do not provide our platform to other service providers and do not offer our paywall as a stand-alone service.

Immediate Access To The Video Stream

The ordering system interface is integrated into the website containing the video player and offers users the option to get the access code to your video stream. After a successful payment confirmation, the user is immediately granted access to the video stream through an individual access codereceived per e-mail, which cannot be used by multiple users at once.

With our paywall platform you can offer your customers a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card payment. The payment processing, billing and activation of the video is fully automated.

The Paid Content Platform Functionalities

  • Setting up a paywall and linking it to the player
  • Price and product administration for single requests or subscriptions
  • Automated sending of the access code (token key access control) after the payment
  • Billing including VAT posting
  • Multilingual solutions
  • Reports and invoicing
  • Fair prices for payment processing

Besides the option of purchasing access, it is possible to issue vouchers. The voucher system can be used e.g. to enable special VIP customers, sponsors or journalists to access the livestream for free. A sponsor can also get vouchers to give to club members, customers or prospective customers.

Our Paywall Solutions for Your Content

We offer various models, from one-off event solutions to subscription systems for regular broadcasts.

Basic Option With Own Distribution

For one-off livestream broadcasting, we offer the option to sell the live stream access codes under your direction. We provide you with the requested number of access codes, and you ensure the distribution. In this way, you avoid the additional external payment service provider’s setup and transaction fees, and you can even achieve revenue with advance sales. We take care of it that your viewers can open the livestream with a valid access code.

Live Stream Access with Payment Service Provider

For regular and international live streaming, it makes sense to incorporate an external service provider to the ordering and payment process. The website with the live streaming player includes a link to the order page. The order page can be multiligual, automatically calculates the correct VAT rates and offers a large number of common payment options. After the viewer places their order, they receive the access code to the livestream and are able to access it instantly. Upon request, the payments are transferred monthly to your account. This solution is suitable for livestreaming events with advance sales and immediate access.

Professional Live And On Demand Content Providers

For professional content providers who offer livestreaming and video on demand, we offer the linking to an e-commerce platform for distribution of digital content. This platform provides you with all functions in one place: acces and user administration, price and product administration, payments and billing, data and analytics, CRM, as well as one-off and subscription-based accesses. Apart from the setup fee, a monthly fee is billed for using the platform and video hosting.

What Is Pay-per-view

With pay-per-view and on-demand pay, the payments are processed on a one-off basis. The paywall fullfills the function of payment processor both for the one-off accesses and for subscriptions, and ensures access authorization to the paid contents. Pay-per-view is suitable e.g. for the broadcasting of exclusive events, concerts, sports broadcasts (football etc.) & or pre-produced contents and lectures.


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