Pay-Per-View Paywall webinterface

Pay-Per-View Paywall webinterface

The pay-per-view (ppv) Paywall solution for live streaming and on-demand videos


With the pay-per-view solution for video live stream and video on demand (VOD), we help producers, content providers and publishers of media, sports & entertainment with the content of videos in order to make money. The distribution and encashment of high quality videos with an exclusive content for a fee on the internet requires reliable and secure commercial payment models.

With pay per view and pay on demand the payment is done in a single retrieval process. The Paywall or pay barrier assumes the function of payment processing for individual download and subscription, and release/ authorize paid content for streaming retrieval.

Pay-per-view (ppv) is suitable for example for the transfer of exclusive events, concerts, sports events (football & Co) or pre-produced contents and presentations.

With our Paywall platform you can provide your customers with a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, vouchers, bank transfers, credit cards and invoices. The payment processing, billing and activation of the video take place fully automatically.

Functions of the Paywall platform

  • Access and user administration
  • Price and product administration for individual downloads or subscriptions
  • Payments and invoicing
  • Debts administration incl. VAT accounting
  • Administration of subscription
  • Voucher system
  • Reports

The Paywall interface is configured and activated in the Live Stream Player. When you enter your site the user is prompted in the player window to pay (or login- for customers with subscription), the payment can be accomplished and after a confirmation of the payment, the video stream will be allowed. If you would like to offer first the incentives to buy then the Paywall may also appear only after an adjustable period of minutes.

In addition to the regular purchase, coupon codes can be redeemed. The voucher system can be used for example to enable special VIP customers, sponsors and journalists the free access to the live stream. Also a sponsor can purchase vouchers and distribute them to club members, customers or the parties concerned.

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