Live switching for conferences, town hall meetings and TV stations


Live switching among one or more participants is always used when the presence of all the people concerned is not possible due to distance or the event’s brevity.

In addition to the typical use in newscasts, live switching is mainly used for press conferences, conferences, congresses and internal company meetings (staff meeting, town hall meeting). In this way, for example external interlocutors can be live switched to a press conference, or medical live broadcasts / live surgeries can be transmitted to the congress centre during a medical congress. Thanks to very short latency periods, interviews can proceed almost in real time, with next to no delay.

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Video Live Switching For Conferences

Production place too far away, busy schedule, or an important participant has missed their flight? With live switching, we can include any participant in the programme without them having to be present in person. A second team is at the external location and ensures sound and video recording, including transmission and feedback channel. In this way, we have already live switched for conferences taking place in Berlin, New York, Paris, London and Frankfurt am Main. When unforeseen cirtumstances arise, live switching is also possible via a Skype call. We have all the necessary Skype conference equipment.

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Professional Recording And Broadcasting

As an on-the-spot service provider, we ensure the recording and also offer the option to add a desired still image or moving video as a background to a live switched interview. Even a stand-up position in outdoor areas can be easily realized. The transmission progresses via an available internet broadband line, LTE uplink, LiveU or via our SNG satellite uplink (IP-SNG or DSNG). An audio feedback channel “n-1” is realized via telephone and is available to the team and speakers via in-ear headphones.

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Live Interviews Via Skype. Worldwide, Cost-effective And Professional

Live interviewing and live switching of interviewees per Skype represents a true alternative to standard live switching per SNG or LiveU. For TV and YouTube live shows, for congresses and live events, we can live switch any interviewee worldwide. With our production equipment, we connect the Microsoft Skype TX video interviews live in full HD to the workflow. Professional audio and video editing ensures high reliability and compatibility, including a video and audio feedback channel to the interviewee.


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