Live production

Live production

Live recordings and live productions for projections, recordings or livestream broadcasts using one or up to twelve cameras


With advanced HD live production technology we will record your event live and in the real time. Transported in solid flight cases, with a little space needed and ready for use in the whole Germany and Central Europe.

In contrast to the normal film and video production, there is no “second attempt” by the live recording. An intensive and extensive coordination between organisers and production managers is indispensable, often months before the actual recording. And last but not least, we can rely on years of experience with various live productions.

Areas of use for live production

The signal mixed by us is recorded and can be played on a video wall or immediately streamed live on the internet. In addition, the signal from the spot can be transmitted by a satellite connection (IP SNG) to our CDN or to national and international broadcasters.

Live production Live production Live production

We offer live productions to small and medium-sized companies, corporations, event agencies, congress organizers, clubs, organizations, media companies and universities. Make use of live recordings of seminars, product presentations, corporate presentations, sales events, press conferences, sport events, PR activities, lectures, concerts, fashion shows, entertainment shows and congresses for your customers, employees, journalists, general public or limited user groups.

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