Protecting your livestream communication and video on demand content with password / user token system


Not always do you want to make your livestream accessible to the general public. Especially in case of internal company communications, transmission of valuable contents, or private events, the password protected access to your streming videos enables you to clearly define who can and who cannot acces your contents.

Possible Applications Of Livestream Password Protection

  • Live streaming conference tickets
  • Internal company communications
  • Closed user groups (CUG)
  • Analyst conferences
  • Product launch for selected journalists
  • Sports events broadcasting
  • Exclusive events
  • Private events

Token-based Access Control

Access to the livestream is only granted with a valid access code (user token). The password protected access option is chosen e.g. by conference organizers. By monetizing the livestream broadcast, they attain additional revenue in addition to the conference ticket sales. The access codes can be ordered and paid for in advance just as conference tickets. The codes can be ordered either directly from you, or over our paywall solution →.

Through double secure authentication, our streaming server ensures that only authorized persons are able access the stream. Upon request, all accesses are logged with a timestamp and an IP address for later evaluation.

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