Sport live stream via satellite uplink

Promoted successfully and more than 600 fans participating. BMK.TV transmitted a game in handball of SG Ahlen live via satellite uplink.


Sometimes it happens that our colleagues by our production switcher and by monitors are excited about a live stream and carried away by enthusiasm. This happened last Saturday when SG Ahlen played handball against VfL Gladbeck in the Riesener sport hall. Both clubs were highly concerned- they played about the promotion to the Third League. Due to the limited parking space, the SG Ahlen commissioned us with the live transmission of the game from Gladbeck and it was transferred to the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle in Ahlen.

“We can easily change a non-resident game into a virtual home game in our hall” says ASG spokesman Sven Sandbothe. “Our fans sit, as usual, in the stands and there is 10 square meter big screen on the playing field, on which we broadcast the game live and with a commentary directly from Gladbeck.” To do this, the Ahlener SG has hired a professional camera team which shoots the game in the Ruhr area and sends it directly by satellite to the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle.

Fotos: BMK.TV

On Saturday morning we made oru way to Gladbeck together with our IP-SNG trolley, equipped with satellite uplink, picture mixing and camera technology. Thanks to the fully automatic satellite unit, a stable satellite connection with 4 Mbps was set up within minutes via Eutelsat. Slightly more complicated was the cabling over 80 meters from the position of the SNG to the camera in the hall. At 17:15 clock a test connection from Gladbeck to Ahlen was done and picture + sound impeccably received.

After that 120 nerve-racking minutes happened for our team in the OB van. Meanwhile in Ahlen over 600 fans had gathered in front of the video wand, the game was extremely thrilling and the smallest mistake on our side would have been a disaster. But thanks to our proven technology and many years of experience of our crew, the entire transmission ran smoothly and in the best HD quality. And from a sporting point of view was the evening a complete success. The SG Ahlen won with five goals difference – 32:27. Congratulations from us and see you next time!