Filming in full sail - Image film Leipziger Werft

Filming in full sail – Image film Leipziger Werft


In the south of Leipzig, a unique lake landscape has grown over the past 25 years in the Leipzig Neusseenland. From former quarry holes, numerous lakes and waters were created during recultivation and renovation. Due to the planned and already partially realized water connection, Leipzig’s Neuseenland has developed into a regionally well-known area for water tourism.

The Leipziger Werft – a company of the Leipziger Logistik und Lagerhaus GmbH – offers here everything in the Leipziger Neuseenland what boat owners need: boat logistics, boat storage, boat repairs and on the Zwenkauer lake a license-free motorboat rental for everyone.

In September 2015 the idea was born to make an image film of the Leipziger Werft to make it more popular and gain new customers for boat logistics, boat storage and boat rental. Time was running, because the season ended mid-October and until then all outside shots had to be finished.

After the first preliminary talks with the marketing department of the Leipziger Werft, our editor wrote the treatment. We decided to divide the film into two parts and to present the offers boat service as well as boat rentals individually. From the subjective point of view there was told a story of a young man, who appreciates the boat rental as a perfect time-out from everyday life. On the other hand the second part tells a story of a boat, that looks forward to proper maintenance by the team of the Leipzig Werft after a long summer.

The first day of shooting took place on one of the last sunny October days in 2015. We shot parallel with two teams at the Zwenkauer See. With a drone, spectacular aerial photographs were taken- of Zwenkauer dock, Zwenkauer See and a fleet of motor boats. Thanks to a perfect shooting schedule and a bit of luck, we were able to finish the shooting day on time and before the rain started.


In the middle of November, day two took place on the premises of Leipziger Logistik und Lagerhaus GmbH. In the commercial area near Lake Zwenkauer, two weather-proofed and secure storage areas offer enough space for the wintering of boats. Employees on site can carry out cleaning, painting, maintenance and repair of boats on request. For a film recording, all working steps were carried out from the delivery of the boat, cleaning, jacking up and maintenance. More KW lighting equipment and a fog machine were necessary to set the hall and boats perfectly in the scene.

In two and a half days, the first raw version of the image film was created at our editing site, already with the appropriately selected music and speaker texts recorded in the recording studio. Already a first version of the film sparked enthusiasm in our customers and so in the subsequent fine cut only minor changes were necessary.

Our film was premiered at Leipzig’s public exhibition “Beach & Boat” and was used by the Leipziger Werft on their homepage and in the social media channels.

Production: Thomas Beer
Editor: Lisa Mercedes Peinemann
Camera: Eric Neugebauer
Camera: Petar Manov
Drone video: Lutz Többens
Camera assistant: Leonhard Kätzel
Camera assistant: Simona Urban
Speaker: Dominic Kolb
Speaker: Anja Lehmann
Editing: Pierre Brandt
Editing: Sebastian Voigt