Live streaming over LTE or satellite uplink with guaranteed bandwidth for broadcasting of concerts, events, press conferences, religious services and sports events


You want to broadcast your event per live streaming and need high-performance data link at the event venue? With our professional data transmission solutions and assisted by the latest wireless and satellite technologies, we broadcast your live stream anywhere you desire!

Depending on availability, location and desired bandwidth, the live streaming uplink is set up via LTE, satellite or by combining multiple routes. Besides an LTE uplink, our broadcasting van is equipped with a fully automated satellite system. The live broadcasting can start within 15 minutes.

LTE and IP-SNG Satellite Uplink Comparison

  LTE  IP-SNG (KA Sat/ KU Flex)
Bandwidth up to 100 Mbit/s up to 10 Mbit/s (KA Sat) or 20 Mbit/s (KU Flex) simultaneously
Guaranteed Bandwidth no yes
Availability Germany, abroad via roaming. LTE reception is required. Europe
Limitations Bandwidth can fluctuate, especially with mass events (bandwidth sharing) significant reduction Outdoor location with an open view of the southern sky required, no redundancy (KA-Sat), dual transmitter redundancy (KU-Flex), can be influenced by weather conditions.
Advantages Redundancy possible through bundling multiple network provider channels. Independent, can be used anywhere, also with mass events.
Billing Method Data transfer Bandwidth / Transmission duration

We either provide the needed bandwidth as a pure signal distributor or we ensure the whole live video production and recording control your video wall at the same time für  and take care of the reliable distribution of the live stream via our CDN, or broadcast it to YouTube, Periscope and Facebook.

Advantages Overview

  • Cost effective in comparison with temporary corded solutions
  • Broadcasting systems are available as a flyaway kit as well, easy to transport up or down the stairs and hotel lifts, per car, or as airline baggage
  • Minimum organizational overhead compared to setting up a temporary broadband connection
  • Quick availability – online within minutes
  • Independent from internal company IT and their safety regulations
  • Independent thanks to own power generator and UPS backup

With our IP-SNG services, we offer a solid simultaneous satellite bandwidth up to 20 Mbit/s, guaranteed and ready for you. In this way, we enable both video and audio live stream broadcasting and transmission of large amounts of data via satellite-based and transparent IP connections.


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