25 years of KGS - live video production in Dresden

HD camera live prodction of an press conference and anniversary event in Dresden


The chapel of the Dresden Royal Palace with the reconstructed crossing chapel offered an outstanding site for the commemorative event marking the 25 anniversary of the Krankenhausgesellschaft of Saxony.

We received the contract from the KGS Saxony already in the beginning of 2015, demanding the recording and documentation of the entire event by film and photo and subsequent compilation of a film with the highlights of the event. Two vans full of HD camera and broadcast equipment were needed to realize the live recording at a professional level. We recorded the official part of the event in the castle chapel with four HD cameras. We also used a mobile shoulder camera with HD-SDI radio connection. The signals from all the cameras were live mixed from the scene. The individual cameras as well as the finished program signal (PGM) were recorded on SSD disks. Our person dealing with image mixing observed parallel all four cameras and was in permanent contact via intercom to the cameramen.


While a part of our team demounted the technology after the official part, still two cameras stayed working for the whole evening in order to shoot impressions and sounds. The complete material of over 100 gigabytes video data was compiled in five days in a varied film and was successfully presented to the customer.

You and your staff have made a tremendous contribution. We would like to thank you most sincerely!” wrote us the Head of Krankenhausgesellschaft after completion of this production.