Animated 2N product video

Supporting the launch of 2N EntryCom IP Verso, the latest generation of IP-based door entry systems from 2N, Keil Telecom as a 2N distributor in Germany entitled BMK.TV to produce an animated product video. The aim of the product and explanatory video was to easily and understandably explain the complex technical information, show many possibilities of combination and variety of product extensions.

After the conceptual and editorial phase and setting of the particular scenes with their content, followed the production of product´s photos and complete animation in Adobe After Effects. For this explanatory video the decision was taken to use as much photorealistic style as possible in order to demonstrate clearly the diverse possibilities of the modular system.

However, there are many more styles for animated explanatory videos. It can be implemented in cartoon style or as an abstract explanatory video based on icons. It is possible to use different techniques such as video animation, scribble, whiteboard or folding technology. The explanatory videos are perfect for the demonstration of handling and functions of an app, a service, a web site or, as in the case of 2N, for a technical product.