Live streaming of the press conference

For the third consecutive year, BMK.TV took over the recording and the live streaming transmission of the annual press conference of EEX AG from Leipzig.


EEX, for the third time. This typical sentence used with clapperboard when filming a movie, may be in similar meaning used when talking about our work for the EEX AG, the European energy exchange based in Leipzig. However, with one important difference: it was not only another attempt but already the third professionally recorded and transmitted live stream for this customer.

Since we were familiar with the location already from previous years, the construction and setup of technology happened very quickly and easily. We utilized two HD cameras, vision mixers with live stream encoder and the digital mixing console with microphones for speakers and the present journalists.


A live set which was created especially for this event included speakers and PowerPoint presentation and was handed over together with the finished mixed sound to the live stream encoder and sent to our CDN in quality 720p HD. For the reliable transmission of the live streaming for connected journalists were reserved sufficient server capacity and bandwidth in the CDN.

As was already common in past years, the recording of the live stream with synchronized PowerPoint slides will be available until the next annual press conference in 2016 as On Demand video for retrieval under With the convenient and easy user interface it is possible to directly select individual slides or chapters.

For further questions about our projects and about the possibilities and costs of a live stream transmission, we are gladly available on +49 341 2178743.