ThüSolar GmbH Video-Doku

The documentary production for ThüSolar GmbH about the assembly and installation of a solar system in a triangular shape on a house roof in Borsdorf (near Leipzig) – produced by BMK.TV, 6th August, 2014. The documentary film will be used at trade fairs and on the company website. ThüSolar produces, supplies and installs both standard solar panels and special solutions for solar collectors and solar and buffer memory.

A documentary film (shortly docu) displays technical, artistic or political projects and emphasises the everyday occurrences. Thus the viewer gets an insight into processes and a gradual development of the process is being documented. Editorially this represents an open and often unpredictable process. The cameraman is the director at the same time and the challenge of documentation is to be with the camera at the right time in the right place.