Mobile IP SNG Unit for livestreaming and internet via satellite

Mobile IP SNG Unit for livestreaming and internet via satellite

Internet Connectivity for live streaming and events- internet via satellite – independently and immediately available


Stable and secure internet access throughout Germany and in Europe mobile access on site for rent. Either as a WLAN for events and conferences, or guaranteed wideband connection for live streaming or video conferences: We arrange for you to be online anytime and anywhere. Our satellite uplink also enables the transmission of news contributions to the TV transmitters, provides a Wi-Fi hotspot on site and guarantees the transmission of large amounts of data. The temporary internet access via satellite can be hired on hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Connectivity for broadcast, streaming and media

Automatic settings and to be online within few minutes

Mobile wideband connection via satellite uplink Newsspotter (IP SNG, KA-band) for mobile internet connections and live video streaming via satellite uplink.


Advantages of mobile wideband connection via satellite uplink (IP SNG Ka-band) for mobile internet connections and live video streaming via satellite uplink
  • Available in all of Europe, parts of northern Africa and the Middle East, provided a clear view of the southern sky
  • Guaranteed bandwidth by Newsspotter + Eutelsat for the transmission of audio and video live streams
  • Cost-effective solution compared to conventional satellite uplinks (KU Band) or other temporary, wired solutions
  • Fast available – on-line within several minutes
  • Easy transportation via stairs and hotel lifts, by car or as a luggage in the aircraft
  • Minimal burden compared to setting of a temporary wideband connection
  • Independent on company´s internal IT and their safety regulations
  • Favourite internet services are available: HTML browsing, email, FTP, web streaming, etc.
  • Downstream bit rate to 10 Mbit/sec guaranteed or up to 32 Mbit/sec bounding
  • Upstream- bit rate to 6 Mbit/sec guaranteed or up to 12 Mbit/sec bounding
  • We can book the livestream session over satellite online, but minimum 30 minutes before it starts


Redundancy and backup for professional live broadcasts

With an additional satellite uplink you achieve a true redundancy. Especially for professional live broadcasts and data applications our uplink unit via the Ka-band satellite Eutelsat with its second signal is immediately available and if the main line fails, it can take over the transfer. With appropriate configuration on our CDN servers, the failure is automatically detected and switched to the second signal path. Main advantage: there is no interruption of the transmission with no risk of losing audience.

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