Hotel video for Novotel Berlin am Tiergarten

Our team travelled back to Berlin for two days, this time we handled the shooting of a new hotel film for the Hotel Novotel Berlin am Tiergarten. We took this technology: complete full HD camera equipment, lighting package Pro with Arri 575 plus frost frame, Dedolights, slider for tracking shots and a steadicam for dynamic shots. The storyboard for the shooting was based on the agency concept, which follows uniform standards for all the Novotel Hotels videos.

The special feature of the hotel shooting: our team travels to the hotel already a day before and gets a first impression of the hotel from the guest’s perspective. Another major challenge is to plan the filming with interfering to the common running of the hotel as little as possible. As for legal reasons no real guests are allowed to be filmed, we utilized hotel employees as extras for the scenes in the restaurant, at the bar, in the conference room and in the wellness. Thanks to the perfect support of the staff of the Novotel Berlin and their help with the preparation of individual sets, the entire film was shot only in two days.

Foto: Katy Otto

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