Live Stream of Canoe Polo Championships 2015

For Canoe Polo Championship 2015 in Essen BMK.TV realized a total of 45 hours of the satellite live stream for the German Canoe Federation and Sportdeutschland TV. Between 27th and 30th August 2015 more than 400 athletes from 19 nations competed in Essen for the European Championship title. Sportdeutschland TV broadcasted live the championship daily from 27 to 30 August.

The Canoe Polo Championship was held on the Baldeneysee in Essen and because of the absence of the adequate internet connection it was necessary to use a satellite link for the transmission of the live stream. Our team installed our satellite uplink unit the day before and the organizer booked 45 hours of guaranteed bandwidth 2 Mbit/s on KASAT NewsSpotter. The camera crew took shots of the tournament on site and this already programmed signal was transferred live via satellite on the web and to Germany Sport TV.


Our services for live streaming via satellite are suitable for all kinds of sporting events. We secure a stable internet connection on the site with guaranteed bandwidth for the transmission of the program signal to a CDN or TV channels. The benefits: quick availability, minimal costs compared to the establishment of a temporary wideband access, little space needed and guaranteed upstream/ downstream data rate of up to 10 Mbit/s for transmissions in HD.
Our satellite uplink (IP-SNG) is quickly available in Germany for live streaming of press conferences and events, live switching and sports events. Please send us your request online here or call us at +49 341 2178743.