Live from Prague - HD Livestreaming

Livestreaming Dienstleister Prag

Through our branch in Prague we received an order for a production and a live stream transfer of a product launch from Prague. In this Web Talk show, the latest products and innovations from 2N were presented live to German trade partners.

The production set on site on premises of 2N consisted of three HD cameras, which were connected to our mobile picture switcher by HD-SDI cable. Wireless headset microphones and a sound mixing console provided perfect sound. The mixed program signal was encoded live and transferred to our Content Delivery Network (CDN) in 4 Mbit/s speed in HD quality. From there, the stream was converted to the formats 360p, 480p and 720p by LiveTranscoding and delivered to viewers connected to the live stream. A parallel running statistics monitored accesses to the live stream in real time.

The reactions at the audience were very positive. Thanks to an application in advance, a large number of sales partners were reached. The product launch was perceived as an important event, gave a “live” feeling and aroused interest in other new products.

Fotos: BMK.TV
Since the opening of our production office in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, in 2014, we can already look back on a considerable number of customers and realized productions. In addition to editorial offices and TV stations from Germany, our main customers here are German companies with branch offices in the Czech Republic. Our live stream services for town hall meetings, internal information events, conferences and live switching are mainly demanded.

BMK.TV – Partner for your projects in the Czech Republic

Unproblematic communication without language barriers, high reliability and the handling of the complete invoicing via our German main office are only few advantages when working with us. We look forward to your inquiry or call us at +49 341 2178743.