SupplyOn AG - Livestream from Munich

For SupplyOn AG, we produced a live stream from the Highlight Towers in Munich. The impressive location of the design offices with the magnificent view over Munich was the perfect location for the business lunch of SupplyOn AG.

Our production team consisted of cameraman, director a producer travelled from Leipzig to Munich already one day before the event. In addition we took extensive audio and video equipment, HD camera technology, picture switcher, preview monitors, recording devices, sound and lighting technology and encoders for the live stream transmission. Thanks to our experiences from countless live stream productions, the setup was quickly established and live streaming transmission to our CDN was successfully tested. The wheat beer in the hotel for our crew was then more than deserved.

Next morning we started on time with a live streaming of lectures on the internet. On our LiveCDN Portal there was a micro site in the CI layout of SupplyOn AG and there was integrated the live stream player. Two cameras were used, one camera had a close-shot on speakers and the second camera covered a whole room. The image and sound signals were mixed at the video switcher and additional bands with a name and position of a speaker were integrated. Just in case, the camera signals were recorded individually, signal was mixed and transferred on the SSD, since the lectures should be provided on the Internet as an “on demand” version.

Fotos: BMK.TV

The encoded signal was transmitted to our live stream CDN via the Internet connection, which was provided on site, and from there reliably delivered to viewers. We monitored the stream permanently in order to secure good quality and we followed live statistics showing a number of currently connected participants.

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