Live recording of the Energy Forum Leipzig

Live recording of the 5th East German Energy Forum 2016 at the hotel The Westin Leipzig


For the second time, BMK.TV was an official video partner in the framework of the East German Energy Forum. Our scope of services included a live recording of two-day event, a live projection of the panel discussion and an over-night editing of highlights and creation of the event trailer.

The East German Energy Forum is a think tank for decision-makers in the energy industry, politics and science. In addition to prominent speakers, personalities from politics and business, the Forum is the only transnational event that brings together the energy sector and East German SMEs.

Live productions are one of the most demanding tasks in the production and broadcasting branch. Everything has to work, since nothing can be repeated so easily. In addition to experienced and skilled employees, it is mainly about professional and proven production equipment. The setup of the complete equipment normally takes place hours before the event. All devices required for live production are packed in practical cases, so they are flexibly available and quickly installed at every production site. For this event, it was necessary to position four HD broadcast cameras, to build the mobile HD production switcher in the hall and cable everything together. The mixed sound signal from the stage was prepared for us as a sound sum by the locally responsible colleagues. In return, we passed the blended picture signal to the fixed projector in the hall by radio.


Just one hour before the start of the event, our crew and technology were on standby. With a mobile camera we already recorded impressions of the venue and arrivals of guests, since this material should be used for a trailer of the first day of the event. With the start of the conference, the entire team was highly concentrated at work. Particularly with panel discussions, which were transferred to the screen in the hall via beamer, every setting, sharpness and aperture had to be correct. The cameramen were in permanent touch with the production switcher via an intercom system and received appropriate directing instructions.


At the end of the first day there was the evening reception with “Get Together” by the IHK to Leipzig. But for us it was not a party time. While our cameraman was still shooting impressions from the evening event, there was already a second team sitting in our editing suite in order to edite the event. The idea of the customer was to present highlights from the first day to the conference participants at the beginning of the second conference day.


At around 10 pm the last material from the evening event arrived and was immediately included in the trailer. Against 2:00 in the night we got so far that the event trailer could be finalized and exported. The film was accepted in the next morning around 8:30 clock and punctually at 9:00 clock the second conference day started with our “overnight” film. The trailer, recordings of all lectures and forums of the 5th East German Energy Forum are available in the YouTube channel.