Filming and post-production

Traveling in Germany. Filming and post-production for a learning film

BMK.TV was on the road because of company health care system for a major German bank. We received an order from Eudemos GmbH & Co KG for the shooting and post-production of a learning film on “lifestyle-related diseases”. Eudemos is a specialized consulting and training company with a focus on company health management and the development of the social care of companies. The film is used for training of employees in company health management of a major German bank.


The learning film with a runtime of 45 minutes combines animated sequences and presentations with live recordings and interviews. For these recordings, our EB team travelled to Bonn with camera, sound and lighting technology. Dr. Andreas Weyenberg, specialist physician for general medicine, prevention and stress medicine, was in disposal as an interview partner nearby in Köln. For brilliant HD pictures, our Sony FS7 camera was used and the sound was “dangled” by our camera assistant and live mixed on our audio switcher.

In the following post-production period in our editing suite in Leipzig was created the complete learning film, consisting of interviews, animations and presentations. This film is only used internally by the client and is not released for publication. The password, as always with such productions, can be demanded via e-mail.

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