Recording and live stream with a chat function

Recording and live stream with a chat function for the annual press conference of the EEX Group


If you are commissioned by a customer for the fourth time in a row with the recording and the live stream of their annual press conference, that does not only make us proud, but it also seems that we are doing our job right.

Since 2013, BMK.TV has been responsible for the multi-camera live recording and live stream of the EEX Group’s press conference from the City-Hochhaus in Leipzig. The EEX Group, which is part of Deutsche Börse Group, operates the central marketplace for energy, energetic and commodity products.

As in previous years, the complete camera, picture mixing, sound and lighting technology was set up in the conference room of EEX AG a day before the recording. We used two HD cameras, our NewTek Tricaster picture switcher, a live stream encoder, LED headlamps and a digital sound mixing console for the speakers’ desks and microphones for participating journalists.


In order to provide journalists with all the information they need, presentation films should be integrated into the live stream parallel to the live image of a speaker. To do this, we captured the image signal via HDMI from the presentation laptop and integrated it into the digital picture-in-picture set created by us.

The transfer of the live stream signal to our CDN Live stream server took place via a specially established powerful Internet connection. This ensured that the pictures from Leipzig could reach all viewers in the live stream of best quality and with a minimal delay.


On 27 April 2016 at 10:15 am we were with our player on air. Peter Reiz, CEO of the EEX Group, welcomed at exactly 10:30 am the participating journalists and the audience in the live stream. The live commentary function, which was parallel integrated in live stream, gave viewers the opportunity to send questions directly to Leipzig. The moderation was taken over by an employee of the press department and passed on to the speakers.

After almost two hours became this year’s press conference a history. Thanks to the long-standing experience of the BMK.TV team and our reliable live stream technology, the complete transmission was realized in the best sound and picture quality. For the next 12 months, the recording of the annual press conference with synchronized PowerPoint presentation slides is available for journalists as a video-on-demand in our server.